International SIM Card

International SIM Card
+ USD$10 call credit



The International SIM card is a simple, cost-effective prepaid service option designed for travelers to save on international roaming with coverage in over 190 countries.


  • Prepaid Data from just USD$0.06 per MB using data plans
  • Purchase up to 2GB of data to save up to 300%
  • Calls from just USD$0.35 per min
  • Straightforward roaming rates by region
  • Family and Friends can call you FREE
  • USD$10 starter credit included
  • No connection fees

Features & Support

  • Receive a Global +44 British Isles phone number
  • You can also add a local US +1 number after activation
  • Use in over 190 countries
  • Coverage in over 220 Cruise Ships
  • Easy to use voicemail and set up call-forwarding
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Recharge anytime via the app, web, phone or enable auto-recharge
  • It is prepaid, so no contracts, no credit checks and no monthly fees
  • Multi-fit SIM Card, works in any unlocked device
  • View call records and receipts online

Access these great rates

Region / Country Data (per MB) Making and receiving calls (per min)
Sending texts (per SMS)
Europe*, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel USD$0.25 USD$0.35
Caribbean*, South America*, East Asia*, SE Asia*, India, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Fiji USD$0.45 USD$0.75
South Asia*, West Asia*, Afghanistan, Cameroon, Egypt, Morocco, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and more USD$0.75 USD$0.95
Rest of the world Refer to the Rate Finder
Receiving texts (worldwide, per SMS) USD$0.09

* Covers majority of the countries in the region. Please use the rate finder to determine exact rates.


Prepaid Data Plans

Adding a US +1 number to your SIM


Getting Started

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